We have just launched our latest report: Four Cycles to help Investors and Traders. In this 27 page report, we provide you with a detailed look at four key investor cycles that shape the long-term direction of global markets. You can apply this ‘big picture’ knowledge to your own investment decisions. We are firmly of the view that the best long-term investments follow the major secular market trends. This report will take you through those.

In the report, we tell you:

  • why in 2012, when there were still significant eurozone worries and US deficit issues, we knew that stock markets would have a bull year and why we are looking for a market low in the next six months
  • why we don’t think that Western governments’ money printing will lead to major inflationary issues
  • why we we live in an era of low interest rates
  • why the coming boom will be the biggest of all time

The four cycles we cover in the report are:

Investor Cycle #1: The US Presidential Cycle

Investor Cycle #2: The 18.6 year Real Estate Cycle

Investor Cycle #3: The Kondratieff Wave (50-60 year commodity cycle)

Investor Cycle #4: The Great Wave (the 100 year inflationary revolution and equilibrium)

Any investors with a long-term investment horizon will benefit from the insights contained in this report.  For details on how to obtain this report, please visit our Reports page.