I was recently interviewed by the people at Property Voice . You can listen to it here.

The interview was conducted by Richard Brown, who is a property investor and does a lot of work to help educate people into the world of property investment. I recommend his book The Property Investor Toolkit which I read earlier this year: it provides a succinct guide to investing in property, selecting the right strategy for your personal circumstances and assessing potential deals properly.

As a successful investor in his own right, Richard clearly sees the benefit of a proper understanding of the 18 year cycle brings to any investment strategy. During the podcast, we discussed:

  • Why the 18 year cycle arises and whether it really is as regular as its name implies
  • Why more people don’t see it
  • The role of the banking system
  • Where we are currently in the cycle

We also briefly touched on some work we’re doing together to give investors a guide on how different strategies work at different stages of the cycle.

Watch this space for more information.