Ascendant Strategy is an independently-minded advisory and research firm that specialises in helping you work through major decisions based on our unique knowledge of the structure of the economy and how this drives economic cycles.  This knowledge is vital to creating long-term, sustainable wealth.

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The idea for Ascendant was first conceived during the 2008-10 global financial crisis by Akhil Patel who has an enduring interest in markets and economic cycles.   But like many of you, Akhil was bemused by the fact that no one seemed to have a clear idea of what was going on, and more importantly, what was going to happen next.   This confirmed a long-held observation that investors are given little practical help with investment decisions and, indeed, many of the old theories advocated then did not withstand subsequent events.

Since that time Ascendant Strategy has developed a substantial body of knowledge on how such cycles operate, how they affect investments and, critically, when they are about to turn.  The knowledge is not pursued for its own sake: we want to make things easy for you.  Ascendant Strategy was set up to turn this information into practical level applications that you can use in real decisions, both to exploit opportunities and manage risks.  Ascendant Strategy is proud to include in its team renowned author and economic commentator, Phillip J. Anderson.  Phil is the author of The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking (2008, Shepheard-Walwyn).  This important work documents the major economic cycle from 1800 in the United States.  Phil has a 20 year track record of using this information profitably and successfully forecast the major downturn in the US prior to 2007, as well as the subsequent recovery, a forecast he made in a Moneyweek article back in 2008 when the mainstream economic commentary was at its most bearish.

Phil and Akhil are now collaborating on similar research to analyse the UK real estate cycle.

Such research is at the heart of Ascendant Strategy’s offering: a proven economic framework which has stood the test of time and which, if applied correctly, can guarantee you superior results.  This framework gives us confidence to go against the consensus view and to see through the often muddled views circulated by so-called experts.