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Interview with the Property Voice – the 18 Year Cycle

Posted by on Oct 28, 2015 in 18 year real estate cycle, Interviews |

I was recently interviewed by the people at Property Voice . You can listen to it here. The interview was conducted by Richard Brown, who is a property investor and does a lot of work to help educate people into the world of property investment. I recommend his book The Property Investor Toolkit which I read earlier this year: it provides a succinct guide to investing in property, selecting the right strategy for your personal circumstances and assessing potential deals properly. As a successful investor in his own right, Richard clearly sees the benefit of a proper understanding of the 18 year cycle brings to any investment strategy. During the podcast, we discussed: Why the 18 year cycle arises and whether it really is as regular as its name implies Why more people don’t see it The role of the banking system Where we are currently in the cycle We also briefly touched on some work we’re doing together to give investors a guide on how different strategies work at different stages of the cycle. Watch this space for more...

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Interview on the Property Geek Podcast

Posted by on Mar 7, 2015 in 18 year real estate cycle, Interviews |

I recently appeared on the Property Geek podcast to discuss my research on the 18 year cycle and the real estate outlook for the UK. Property Geek is run by Rob Dix – I came to Rob’s attention when he read the article I wrote in MoneyWeek last year on the 18 year cycle. (You can find a copy of the article here). Rob has produced some excellent material to assist people to take the plunge into the world of property investing. So he was pretty pleased to come across an article which set out how the cycle works and how you can use it to forecast, years in advance, when the market is going to peak, fall and recover. He asked me excellent questions about the cycle which made for a good interview (even if I do say so myself!). During our discussion we talked about the 18 year cycle and why it continues to operate; where we are in it currently and what the outlook is for London and the UK over the next decade. We also discussed some ideas on how you can use the knowledge of the cycle to improve your investment decision-making. You can hear the interview by following this link: – http://www.propertygeek.net/18-year-property-cycle-akhil-patel/...

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