Our rigorous Economic Framework

At the heart of our offering is a rigorous economic framework based on our unique research on economic cycles and how they fit together.  Our framework has stood the test of time (centuries, not just decades).  This economic framework is able to account for the key trends in economic activity, across all asset classes, including:

  • Real estate and property
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Precious metals

The foundation of our economic framework is our unique knowledge of the global economic cycle.  According to our research this displays a remarkably regular 18 years on average.  This cyclical rhythm is generally not understood or known about in mainstream academia or the media, so in working with us investors have an immediate competitive advantage.

Armed with the knowledge that only our research can provide, you will be able to understand:

  • when the major expansionary phases in the economy are about to start and end and how these affect various asset classes (e.g. property, stocks, alternative investments)
  • the various dates for the economic cycles in different regions of the global economy
  • when the major cyclical downturns are about to unfold, and how they differ from shorter and shallower recessions
  • the major emerging economic trends that affect the global economy and the UK
  • the good times to buy and sell assets, including stocks, real estate, commodities and so on
  • sift through ever changing opinion and commentary to understand what is really going on and how.

This knowledge will support excellent investment decisions.

To find out more about why investors need to understand the 18 year cycle, sign up for a FREE e-book that covers:

  • 7 reasons why investors lose out big time from not knowing about the cycle
  • how the cycle affects real estate and stock market returns
  • how Ascendant Strategy can help you profit from knowledge of the cycle.

This FREE e-book also lets you sample the nature of our research to demonstrate how we can help you with your investment decisions.

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We have also developed a suite of products and reports that have one goal in mind: to transfer our knowledge to you for use in your investment decisions.


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