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Making sound investment decisions is difficult. We know this better than anyone. Not only does one have to identify potential opportunities but one also has to navigate through the weight of ‘expert’ opinion and counter-opinion to determine whether something is worth pursuing or not.

This is where we can help you. The profitability of major strategic or investment decisions – how to balance a portfolio, when to acquire assets, or when to embark on an expansion –  is substantially affected by the economic environment.  Crucially, it is often the timing of decisions that affect their chances of success and this is an area that Ascendant Strategy specialises in – based on our unique knowledge of economic cycles.

For more information on our rigorous economic framework, please see some background information here.

We help clients in the following ways:

Research reports and analysis

We produce reports and analysis for clients giving them an overview of the long-term economic outlook, key turning points in the cycle and in-depth review of what is going on in individual markets.  Markets we have covered in the past include:

  • Real estate markets (principally UK, US and Australia)
  • Precious metals (especially gold and silver)
  • Commodities (especially agricultural commodities)
  • Energy (crude oil)
  • Major stock markets (especially Western ones)

Our general investor reports are available for purchase. Please visit our Reports page for more information.

You can also download our FREE E-book: 7 Reasons Why Investors Need to Understand the 18 Year Cycle if you would like to sample our research prior to purchasing one of our reports or engaging with us.


For clients who interested in a broad overview of key investment and economic cycles, we are happy to run seminars and workshops which can then be applied in a practical way in relation to investment or other major decision.

Tailored Strategic Advice

For clients working on a specific strategic or investment decision, we have brought our knowledge of cycles and markets to bear in helping to develop or refine the basis for that decision. Our input is tailored in whatever way the client chooses.

We engage with all types of clients from individual investors to major corporate decision-makers.  Our aim is not so much to instruct as to build knowledge and understanding: this way clients will know as much as we do at the end of our assignment.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with more information on our products and further information of how economic cycles operate.  If you are interested, please get in touch by leaving your contact details here.

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