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The 2015 Gold Outlook

The 2015 Gold Outlook: Using Cycles Analysis to Forecast the Coming Fall in Gold Prices (price £19.97)

All that is gold does not glitter…

Gold investors have found the last two years difficult. Most experts have said that with all the money printing globally the price of gold should be at $10,000 an ounce because of inflation. But it isn’t.

Ex-Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, has recently talked up gold as an investment.

Should he have done so?

In this report, we provide some answers. We take a look at the long-term outlook for gold using our unique approach to cycles analysis. We use this to make a forecast for the direction of gold over the next ten years. This is a must read for all investors.

In this report, we cover:

  • Our ten year forecast for the direction of gold
  • What gold has enduring appeal for investors
  • The relationship between gold and commodity prices
  • The KEY long-term cycles that drive gold prices

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Ascendant Strategy helps investors, traders and corporates make superior investment decisions based on our unique research on economic cycles.  We have developed a substantial body of knowledge on how such cycles operate, how they affect investments and, critically, when they are about to turn.

Ascendant Strategy turns this information into practical level applications that investors can use in real decisions, both to exploit opportunities and manage risks.

Our research covers a range of asset classes globally, including:

  • Stock markets
  • Real estate
  • Agricultural commodities
  • Precious metals
  • Energy