The 18 Year Cycle Unveiled: How the Cycle Moves, When it Moves and Why (price £19.97)

A staggering $34 trillion was wiped off global equities between 2007 and 2009. With such huge numbers you would think that we would have developed an advance warning system!

But for most people this has proven to be elusive. The simple reality is that investors lose around 50 PER CENT of the value of stock market portfolios in the aftermath of the 18 year cycle. The chances are that you experienced this in 2008-09.

But for readers of this report, this will never happen to you again.

In this report we provide a blow by blow account of the 18 year cycle. You will learn:

  • How to avoid a 50 per cent loss in your stock market portfolio at the end of each cycle
  • How to take advantage of the likely QUADRUPLING in stock market gains through the next cycle.
  • How and why real estate drives the rest of the economy (and why most so-called experts do not know about this)
  • The impact of the cycle on key economic variables, such as house prices, interest rates, bank lending, stock markets

The 18 year cycle is the KEY market and economic cycle in operation. You can find out all about it for only £19.97.

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Ascendant Strategy helps investors, traders and corporates make superior investment decisions based on our unique research on economic cycles.  We have developed a substantial body of knowledge on how such cycles operate, how they affect investments and, critically, when they are about to turn.

Ascendant Strategy turns this information into practical level applications that investors can use in real decisions, both to exploit opportunities and manage risks.

Our research covers a range of asset classes globally, including:

  • Stock markets
  • Real estate
  • Agricultural commodities
  • Precious metals
  • Energy