This report provides you with a long-term road map for commodity prices based on our unique knowledge of cycles and over 200 years of commodity price data.

This report provides a detailed review of key cycles that drive commodity prices based on the pioneering work of Kondratieff and Gann. In reading this report you will get a unrivalled understanding of:

  • the 50-60 year long waves in commodity prices that drive technological innovation, economic growth and social development
  • the 30 year economic cycle that explain the key peaks and troughs, including the 2000s bull run and subsequent collapse in prices

Building on this we use our analysis to derive a COMMODITY PRICE MODEL which then sets out a forecast of commodity prices to the end of the decade. Our price model has a strong track record, correctly calling the peak in 2011 and subsequent bear market.

This research is total unique to us. You won’t find it anywhere else. We have never before made this available to public clients.

In addition to receiving this report, you will also get a COMPLETELY FREE BONUS REPORT: 2016 Commodities Outlook which provides an outlook for the following commodities:

  • Crude oil
  • Agricultural commodities (wheat, corn, soybeans)
  • Precious metals (gold and silver)
  • Industrial metals (copper)
  • Soft commodities (coffee and cotton)

All this for only £47.


Ascendant Strategy helps investors, traders and corporates make superior investment decisions based on our unique research on economic cycles.  We have developed a substantial body of knowledge on how such cycles operate, how they affect investments and, critically, when they are about to turn.

Ascendant Strategy turns this information into practical level applications that investors can use in real decisions, both to exploit opportunities and manage risks.

Our research covers a range of asset classes globally, including:

  • Stock markets
  • Real estate
  • Agricultural commodities
  • Precious metals
  • Energy